February 3, 2010

Ewesful Projects

Fleece Sampling Project
Where we meet the animals - assist in shearing and skirting where possible - receiving a small amount to wash, dye, spin, and chat about at meetings regarding our experience with that fiber and techniques that we have used with it.

Fourth Fleece - May 2009 Raw Llama donations. A local llama owner is moving and can't take all her fleece with her. She donated it to the guild. She had 6 llamas and this fiber is from several of them. At the July meeting we discussed how to process the fleece and a few preparations and drafting techniques for the fiber. All samples are now gone. Would love to see some pictures of what people have done with the fiber.

Third Fleece - End of 2008 Three sheeps' - We need a write up on the donation of these fleeces and pictures please :)

Elizabeth blended hers on their Louet Junior drum carder with silk waste that was dyed by Spincerely Yours with Easter Egg dyes back in 2004 when we first started playing with dyes. We were inspired by a spinning class taught by Celia Quinn on novelty yarns sponsored by the River Spinners.

Second Fleece - 2008 Maybelle Farm Registered Shetland Sheep

This is a picture of Avocado, my sweet black registered Shetland ewe. She is a very vocal sheep and I can always tell her bleet. Her fleece is really beautiful with black, gray, and sun-bleached tips. I hope you enjoy spinning Avocado and I look forward to seeing the projects each person makes. Thank you, Kathleen Meeks

First Fleece - 2007-08 IBIWISI Pixie

St. Jude's Slipper Project
The River Spinners have agreed to aid Alpaca Trendz in a project to knit slippers/socks for the children of St. Jude's Hospital.

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