December 1, 2010

Spinning Around - A book by the founder of the River Spinners!

Spinning Around: Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Classics (December 15)

—Jeannine Bakriges 

Jeannine Bakriges worked for years to compile this beautiful and informative book that culminates 30 years of fiber work. Imagine seeing something you'd like to knit, then having sufficient knowledge and skill to decide how to achieve your end goal. The long journey was well worth it with instructions from sheep to finished garment. Softcover. $29.95 Preorder by December 10 for free shipping (in the continental U.S.).

In addition to this book being by our Jenny - Guild members Leslie Markey, Maureen Clark, Jenna Konesko, and Elizabeth Johnson are featured and contributed via spinning, knitting, dyeing, and photos.

Other River Spinners have written books too - perhaps we should do a post about those as well :)  Send us your ideas!  Our librarian also thinks we should have a bibliography - don't you agree!

The Gordon's Gift

Here is a lovely picture to remember Linda's wonderful gift to the guild.
We love you Linda and Graham

Please enjoy this ever growing album of finished projects (or spun yarn) created from this historic destashing!