January 10, 2010

Officer's Job Descriptions

All terms are two year service commitments. Terms expire in September of odd number years except Pem which expires in September of even number years. Please see About Us for current officer's names. You have fiber passion and willingness to serve your guild - please don't assume that you are "too new" a member to be an officer.

  • Fearless Leader - Runs meetings, works with committees, membership morale, pr, coordinates other volunteers, reserves space for Business Meetings.
  • Pen - Ewesful News content (emails and website), email reminders, contact for guild (Spin-off, NHA, etc.), maintain gmail account, makes sure no brilliant ideas are lost, maintains list of members and friends, occasional correspondence.
  • Purse - Collects dues, writes checks as necessary, bi-monthly balance reports, communicates with Pen on membership.
  • Webmaster - makes sure blog entries are posted regularly based on information provided by other officers and that no inappropriate comments remain on the blog.
  • Queen Key Fairy - coordinates who will get the key - checks in with Key fairies the Monday of the Business wee to confirm schedule
  • Key Fairies - pick up key from Brattleboro Savings and Loan prior to 5 pm the day of the business meeting or what ever arrangements have been made if we are meeting somewhere else.
  • Treat Troll - $10 monthly budget for the business meeting to supply snacks - suggestons welcom - primarily healthy treats with some sweets.
  • Keeper - Stores equipment, keeps calendar, and coordinates monthly trade offs.
  • Social Butterfly - Proposed position - coordinates the folloing - farmers markets, dye days, school visits, fairs, farm visits, and Spin-ins Tabled 9/6/07 meeting.