April 8, 2014

April Meeting 1.0 Notes

Those in attendance voted and carried the resolution to continue meeting on Thursday at 7 PM and to hold a quarterly meeting from 10:45 to 1:15 at the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro. The quarterly meetings will be held on the Saturday either on or closest to the Solstices and Equinoxes--the next quarter will be June 21, during which time our dear Sumac has offered to do a corespinning demo/class. Rather than being a potluck affair, those who wish to eat are welcome to bring a bagged lunch.

There are still some unresolved questions, including that of the guild's permanent home. Leslie offered to get in touch with the Savings and Loan to see if our former meeting place might still be available; I contacted the fire hall in Putney to inquire about the community space. For what it's worth, I did succeed in reaching someone and was told that the community space carries a fee of $50 per event--or, in our case, per meeting.. ouch!--and that from now until sometime in September, the space is unavailable on Thursday evenings because there is an EMT training course going on in the community space. Leslie just sent me an email saying that the person in charge of bookings at the bank is on vacation but will return next week. So, for the time being, until the question of our permanent home is resolved, we'll continue to meet at the Putney Friends Meeting House.

There also remain the questions of dues and officers. Anyone with nominations is welcome to e-mail me directly so I can present them at the next meeting; any suggestions on dues are also encouraged and accepted. Offices held are: Treasurer, Pen, and Fearless Leader. (Did I miss anything?)