May 11, 2011

Jamaica Fiber Festival

The Eighth Jamaica Fiber Festival is again slotted for the third Saturday in May, this year May 21, 2011 from 10:00am to 3:00 pm in Jamaica Village.  Rain or shine - all indoors. 

Just a reminder that the River Spinners will have a booth there - where members can bring in used equipment for sale along with a few handmade items.  If you have many items you should contact Margaret to see if there are still tables available.  Only priced items (see below for more details) will be placed on display for purchase.  Items should be dropped off between 9 and 10 am and be sure to come by and check for items that did or did not sell by 3 pm. 

Our goal with the sale is to make equipment available to fiber artists looking for tools and also to help those with gear that they either don't use or want to upgrade have a place to sell it.

Elizabeth will woman the table - however bathroom break coverage would be appreciated.

Elizabeth will not be bringing home anything that does not belong to her at the end of the day - so please make your arrangements now.

Each item should have two identical tags that should have the price, name of item, description or any useful information for the purchaser, along with initials/name of the seller.  No need for an inventory sheet as long as there are two tags on everything.

And a quick shout-out to Margaret who "is" the Jamaica Fiber Festival - thanks so much for the wonderful class at the last guild meeting on knitting with wire and beads and to Jenna as well who couldn't make it because she was sick and didn't want to spread germs - but had planned to be there to co-teach.  What a great time.  Can't wait to see finished projects or photos there of.

In the meantime - Happy fibering!