February 3, 2010

Ewesful Links

Members' Websites

Golding Ring Spindles
Green Mountain Spinnery
Knitting Traditions
Margie's Muse Handweaving & Gallery
Maybelle Farm
Maybelle Farm - Etsy
Maybelle Farm - Local Harvest
Pumpkin Spun Fiber Designs
Spectrum WebWorks
Sumac's Lace Pages
Thumb Thing Green

Members' Blogs
Dye Flower Farm
Green Mountain Handwork
Knitting Along the Way
Ladee Sunshine
Pumpkinspun’s Musings
Spiritual Spider

Are you a member with a website not posted here? Just contact us with your information and your link could be here!

Fiber Groups
Vermont Weavers Guild
Northeast Handspinners Association
The Spinner's and Weaver's Housecleaning Pages

Fiber Web Resources
These sites have spinning, weaving, dyeing, or animal husbandry information
Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco
Fletcher Farm
Harrisville Designs' Classes
West Mountain Farm

Fiber Businesses
These sites have storefronts and possibly also have online business as well
Dorr Mill Store
Dyak Craft formerly Grafton Fibers
Green Mountain Spinnery
Harrisville Designs
Knit or Dye
Margie's Muse Handweaving & Gallery

Fiber Podcasts
What is a Podcast?
Cast-On - Knitting
Stash and Burn - Knitting
Weavecast - Weaving
River Spinners Members - do you have a favorite podcast you would like to share here?

Link Backs
If we have linked to you please consider linking to us - the more links to our sites the higher the ranking in the search engines! We can help each other get our message out.

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