March 17, 2014

March Meeting Notes 1.0

Thanks to everyone who showed up! It turned out to be a productive meeting with lots of discussion and ideas.

All the information generated by the survey is very useful; it was proposed that the guild take that information
and use it to narrow down the possibilities to the three most popular locations given in the survey, and based
on that, a vote will be held among those who attend. That way, hopefully, we can decide on what will end up
being the guild's permanent home. However, it has also been decided that the vote on this issue is best conducted in-person; if you're not present when the vote is held, you won't be able to vote. I know this is upsetting, but for the good of the guild, the more people who attend, the more voices will be heard.

There is also the possibility that the guild will resume charging dues, especially if we end up choosing a location that requires a fee for use of space, and to help defray costs of future events and workshops. This also brought up the idea of bringing back guild officers: Fearless Leader, Treasurer, and Pen. Nominations are accepted--nay, encouraged!

The last piece of business discussed was the idea of adding a quarterly meeting to be held on a Saturday at the Brattleboro library. The rationale for this is that it would potentially give those who are unable to attend the regular meetings a chance to get together with the rest of the guild at a time and place that's convenient for more people. Quarterly meetings will likely be held on the Saturday closest to--or on-- the Solstices and Equinoxes, sometime during the day. There was also the suggestion that if folks want to do a lunch-type event that, rather than having a pot-luck, we consider doing a brown-bag lunch so that those with food allergies or other dietary concerns will be able to eat and not have to be worried about potential reactions.

Lots went on! It was a good meeting and we're grateful to those who attended and shared so many good ideas. Thanks, guys!