August 22, 2016

Silk Workshop with Robin Russo in September

Update - I just got off the phone with Robin. She is bringing mating moths with her! They have just completed their 17 day metamorphosis.  - Elizabeth - 9/13/16

Understanding silk from the egg to the final product. We will cover everything about silk from raising silkworms to spinning every form of silk available to the hand-spinner. This class involves a little science, geography, history, and lots of spinning. We examine silk fabrics, threads and fibers with magnification devices; reel cocoons; stretch cocoons over frames (hankies); and blend silk with other fibers to create luxurious yarns. This is a very popular class. I have been teaching this subject since 1989 when I first began raising silkworms. If this class is greater than 1 day it can include making silk paper or incorporating silk into your felting projects. --Robin's brief description of class

Registration is open!