October 29, 2012

November Cancellation Notice

Attention, spinners!
Due to the foulness of the weather being flung in our direction by Hurricane Sandy, Alison has decided to cancel this month's meeting in the interest of making sure everyone stays safe and sound and that no one gets washed away or blown out to sea while trying to get to the meeting. For the time being, the current plan is that we will meet in December for the pot-luck, which starts at 6:30 PM.

I promise I'll let you know if Alison decides to reschedule the meeting for later this month.

Stay safe, everyone!

October 14, 2012

October Meeting Notes

Alison needs at least one more person to help form a committee with the purpose of planning events. If there are any interested parties, please contact her and let her know.

Knit Or Dye in Brattleboro is hosting a bus to Rhinebeck this year. Tickets are $35. The bus leaves Knit Or Dye at 7 AM on October 21 and will arrive at Rhinebeck at around 10 AM; the bus departs from Rhinebeck at 4 PM. For those who don't know, Knit Or Dye has moved to a new location at 1052 West Ave. in Brattleboro; the bus will be a school bus, so it should be pretty easy to spot. Passengers will get goodies! Please contact Knit Or Dye for further information.

September Meeting Notes

Guild members discussed possible activities for the coming year and came up with a tentative list:

November- Spiral plying demo by Lynda.

December- Potluck starting at 6:30. Please label food with any potential allergens as some of the members do have food allergies. Presents are welcome; you can either use something from your stash or if you wish to buy something, we suggest a $5 limit.

January- Destash swap! Anyone wishing to bring goodies from her personal stash to trade for goodies from someone else's stash is welcome--nay, encouraged!--to do so.

February- Support spindled demos by Cindy and Sadelle. If anyone needs a supported spindle, several folks have offered to bring extras.

May- Dye day! Location to be determined.

Other possibilities: Rigid heddle loom weaving, cotton spinning techniques, and flax spinning techniques.

Sadelle has offered to help maintain the guild blog, and the guild has chosen a new Pen: Hi, I'm Ilana. *wavewavewave*

Also, anyone who has not paid dues and wishes to do so, please contact Lisa at your earliest convenience.

October 8, 2012

The RiverSpinners met at the Brattleboro Savings & Loan for our monthly meeting last Thursday.  We have elected a new pen, Ilana Bjorlie, and I am certain she will be doing a wonderful job of keeping us up to date.
Thanks, Ilana!!