All terms are two year service commitments. Terms expire in September of even number years except Pen which expires in September of odd number years. If you have fiber passion and willingness to serve your guild--please don't assume that you are "too new" a member to be an officer.

Current Officers and Position Descriptions
  • Elizabeth Johnson--Fearless Leader.  Runs meetings, works with committees, membership morale, public relations, coordinates other volunteers, reserves space for Business Meetings.
  • Lynda Sillner--Pen.  Prepares Ewesful News content (emails, calendar, and website/blog), emails reminders, acts as contact for guild (Spin-off, NHA, etc.), maintains Gmail account (checks email a couple times a week), makes sure no brilliant ideas are lost, handles occasional correspondence.
  • Leslie Markey--Purse.  Collects dues, writes checks as necessary, prepares bi-monthly balance reports, maintains membership lists (moving lapsed members to a separate list) within our Google contacts.